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Humans are great.
Help them succeed.

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TeamHuman.org believes humans are great. The mission of TeamHuman.org is to help humanity be successful by operating better as a team and by confronting the problems that threaten its long-term success and well-being.

To help achieve this mission, TeamHuman.org invites all to join in its goals:

  1. Act like every member of the human race is a part of the same worldwide, species-wide team.
  2. Address threats to our collective well-being that are under our control as individuals.
  3. Promote shared understanding of scientific knowledge, human history, and cultural values.
  4. Foster a sense of collective pride in humanity's accomplishments.

TeamHuman.org's primary focus is promoting physical fitness because it has a major impact on personal health, it's largely under personal control, and lack of fitness undermines one's ability to contribute. Decline in fitness accounts for much of the rise in chronic diseases and threatens humanity's long-term success by both decreasing the number of able-bodied individuals and increasing the burden on our healthcare systems.

Another key focus area of TeamHuman.org is science communication and improving public literacy and appreciation of science. A key channel for this is the @TeamHuman_org twitter feed (recent tweets shown on the right).

Learn more about TeamHuman.org's primary projects at the following websites:

TeamHuman.org also has a number of secondary projects described here.