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More About TeamHuman.org

The essence of what TeamHuman.org about is captured in its URL: TeamHuman.org is a public benefit organization aimed at helping humanity achieve success by promoting the idea that we are all members of one worldwide, species-wide team and encouraging a "team player" mindset in our daily activities and attitudes toward each other. TeamHuman.org believes that a more widespread understanding of humanity as a single team will allow us to operate more effectively when confronting the shared problems that threaten our long-term well-being as individuals and as societies.

TeamHuman.org welcomes input from any member of humanity interested in the long-term success of our species and capable of expressing themselves in a rational, civil manner. Anyone who supports the vision, mission, and goals of TeamHuman.org is welcome to join.

TeamHuman.org is a not-for-profit, equal-opportunity, independent, grassroots effort unaffiliated with any government, school, religion, commercial or political cause. It is currently the unpaid effort of one person working in his spare time, though all are invited to join.

Additional historical information about this website is available here.

Jack LaLanne Day

While there are many areas of concern that could affect humanity's long-term success, TeamHuman.org has chosen to initially focus on improving our physical fitness because it has such a strong impact on personal health and is largely under one's control. This personal health focus fits well with TeamHuman.org's broader goals because poor health can severely undermine one's ability to contribute to the greater good.

Keeping more people on their feet and out of doctor's offices will help reduce the growing healthcare costs associated with rising levels of major chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Widespread poor health ultimately affects everyone and is therefore an important part of TeamHuman.org's mission. Regardless of the state of the economy or your personal finances, job situation, or any other problems you may have, your own physical health must remain a top priority. Keeping fit can be done on the cheap and it is an investment that always pays off in the long term by helping to keep you healthy and happy.

To highlight the importance of our physical health, TeamHuman.org's current focus is on coordinating an effort to acknowledge Jack LaLanne for all that he has done in his long career to encourage us to keep physically fit and eat healthfully. This project originated in Jan 2008 with the creation of the TeamLaLanne.org website, and has since evolved into an effort to designate Jack's birthday (September 26th) Jack LaLanne Day— an International Day of Health to renew our commitment to physical fitness and to recognize Jack's great contribution as an inspirational fitness icon.

The idea is to get as many people as we can to commit to take the challenge to do something positive for their health on Jack's birthdate, either by yourself or in an organized group "feat of strength" in the spirit of the various feats of strength Jack has done for us in the past.

Whether you've been personally touched by Jack LaLanne, know someone who has, or just now learned about him, you are invited to participate. While you are perfectly free to honor JLLDay privately on your own without telling anyone, you are invited to get involved with JLLDay in one or more of the following ways so we can assess public interest in this effort, coordinate activities, and sharing stories:

Remember what Jack likes to say, "Anything in Life is Possible, and YOU Can Make it Happen." So let's make something happen!

TeamHuman.org is an independent, not-for-profit entity with no affiliation to any political party, religion, company, or other organization. 501(c)(3) status is pending.

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