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Why "TeamHuman.org"?

The Teamhuman.org domain was registered sometime in 2004. The idea came to me while riding my bike through Oakland on the way to a doctor's appointment. I can't say exactly what triggered the idea, but it was during this year I recognized the notion of "the URL as the message."

2004 was the year of the fateful U.S. presidential election battle between George W. Bush and John Kerry. In a news story about a political rally, I noticed a photograph or a video clip where someone was carrying a sign emblazoned with this URL: "SmushBush.org". This struck me as an awesome way to spread a message because it encapsulates both the message itself and the related web address in a short, memorable package. In 2004, one could visit that website to learn more about what this political group was up to, how to participate, and order related paraphernalia such as t-shirts, stickers, and Texas-sized flyswatters.

So the "TeamHuman.org" meme was born. It captured a message that resonated with me and I felt was worth emphasizing regularly to the rest of humanity:

TeamHuman.org was created to have a place to hype our species and foster better understanding between different groups of people; to help everyone recognize similarities, and operate in a more united fashion to solve the important problems that ultimately affect our species as a whole. Read more on what TeamHuman.org is about.

Note that unlike SmushBush.org described above, Teamhuman.org is strictly a-political and does not push any particular political party or candidate. Solving the problems that threaten humanity's long term well-being will take effort from all sides of the political spectrum. Healthy debate is encouraged; partisan combat is not.

Other Historical Notes

The Teamhuman.org website appeared on 3 May 2005 and was for a long time just a static page describing the mission until March/April of 2009 when a Pinax-based social networking-based site was launched (hub.teamhuman.org) to act as a social "hub" for Teamhuman.org-related projects (primarily Jack LaLanne Day). With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, this hub website is now defunct.

As of 2009, TeamHuman.org is a registered business in the city of Albany, California. Contact information is here.

TeamHuman.org is an independent, not-for-profit entity with no affiliation to any political party, religion, company, or other organization. 501(c)(3) status is pending.

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