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TeamHuman.org aims to help humanity operate more effectively as a team and to help humanity address the threats to its long-term prosperity that are largely under its control.


TeamHuman.org envisions human race successfully solving the problems that threaten its long-term well-being and continuing to expand its list of achievements.

TeamHuman.org also envisions every member of the human race perceiving other humans first and foremost as equal members of the same species-wide, world-wide team, and having an appreciation for each other's roles within that team.


  1. Focus on the threats to humanity's long-term well-being that are most readily under our control as individuals.
  2. Spread the idea that every member of the human race is a part of the same worldwide, species-wide team.
  3. Promote shared understanding of scientific knowledge, human history, and cultural values.
  4. Foster a sense of collective pride in humanity's accomplishments.


TeamHuman.org's approach is very much bottom-up, because improvements in the world start with improvements in ourselves. We'll get more immediate return on our efforts by focusing most of our energy on the things that are primarily under our personal control.

Our individual actions can have a major impact when spread over many people. Getting our own issues under control will put us in much better shape to contribute to larger efforts over which we have less individual control.

That's where the 'team' part of TeamHuman.org comes into play.

The TeamHuman.org motto states, "Help humans succeed" — but does not attempt to define what success means, beyond overcoming any threats to our long-term well being.

It's up to us decide what exactly we want to be successful in, individually and as a society. TeamHuman.org knows humans are capable of doing some impressive things and has the utmost faith that there is more to come.

More Info:

Check out the FAQ and the more about page.

TeamHuman.org is an independent, not-for-profit entity with no affiliation to any political party, religion, company, or other organization. 501(c)(3) status is pending.

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